Life Coaching

In the Life Coaching sessions we discuss your goals and together we find out what is holding you back to reach your goals. This can range from goals around feeling insecure and anxious, procrastination, feeling stuck, relationships, work, coming outs etc. 

Three main elements in our lives are often connected: You, Work and Relationships. Therefore, we often will touch upon on all three.

Don’t have a goal yet? No problem! 

We will together find out what it is that you want more of. 

We all have believes that are holding us back. Often we are not aware of these believes, which were created when we were young. Together, we identify these believes and convert them into new empowering believes.

Next, we set out key strategies using practical psychology methods and I will support you along the way to make sure that you will reach your goals. 

Most people need between 4 - 10 life coaching sessions. This is depending on the person and the goals. 

The coachings take place at my home in Amsterdam, your home, outdoors, an office space or online. Whatever you prefer, all are possible. You pick what makes you feel most comfortable.