Hi, I'm Erik

My name is Erik de Koning, 32 years old and based in Amsterdam. 
I have studied Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and have been working in local and international Marketing and Sales positions for the last 9 years. 

During my work at several multinationals I have seen people struggling with the high pressure and high expectations that they experienced. Some ended up in burn outs. This has made me very conscious about my own perspectives on mental health. 

Since then, I have been reading many books, listened to inspiring talks and studied great inspirational video content about mental heath, coaching and spirituality. This lead me to wanting to learn more, share my learnings and help others. 

So, I took a professional training to become a certified coach trained by Antony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, both world leading in the fields of coaching and relational therapy.

I've started KICK Coaching and have been coaching people from diverse age ranges and with very diverse goals. I feel passionate about life coaching and it gives me a very fulfilling feeling.